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Dev Ops

Currenly I'm working as a DevOps defining architectures and automating CI/CD pipelines working for clients as Kolektor, Arcor and Córdoba Government (Argentina). I'm also managing the Infrastructure Middleware and Devops Teams (at Ayi & asociados).Before I was an Oracle platform administrator. I've worked for clients as Naranja, Zurich, Prefectura Naval Argentina, Arcor, etc



Software Architect

I consider myself a highly motivated person, committed to my work, I have innovative ideas, I like to propose solutions and apply them. I like challenging jobs and contribute to the technological changes of the future.



Full Stack Developer

I'm a full-stack developer passionate about technology, continuous learning and taking on new challenges.I have experience working on enterprise applications and large scale projects involving a wide range of technologies, web frameworks, servers and databases.



Full Stack Developer

In my career I managed to use several hats so I would say my personal mark is to be able to learn and adapt to new technologies, processes and people in a speedy pace. I love to be in challenging projects and I believe a good communication gives strengths to have a successful results.



Back End Developer

I am known for being an integral professional with skills in different areas of Systems Engineering. Also, I develop Software in Agile work environments with the SCRUM methodology. I'm currently developing web applications with React JS and Jade in the Front-End, by the Back-End side I use Node.js framework with Express, additionally, I manage Mongo Data Bases