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QA Analyst

I have extensive experience in a diverse number of positions which makes me develop efficiently in new positions with different types of goals and objectives. My objectives are professional training and taking knowledge in the area that I develop, which is IT, growth and development in the company where I work. I am a pro active and effective person at the time of performing in your job.



Full Stack Developer

I enjoy learning new technologies, practices, patterns and use them in my daily work. My goal is to steadily get better in what I do, this is not exclusively IT-related but to knowledge in general. And I do that by exploring and trying new stuff that I came across or picked my interest.



Full Stack Developer

As a Software Engineer with 10 years of experience, I have worked in all aspects of the development process from customer communication to software design, development, testing and deployment. In the last years, I have gained experience using the Symfony framework and React but I am always willing to learn a new language or development methodology that best suits the needs of the product.



Full Stack .NET Developer | Systems Analyst

My desire is always to give the best of myself and grow both in the knowledge of technology and analytical skills.Feel useful and valued by my employers and contribute to having a good working environment with my colleagues.



Dev Ops

System Engineer with experience on Infrastructure administration who likes to works behind the DevOps methodology. Always ready for new challenges.



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