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QA Analyst

My personal goal is always to learn a little more; Be part of a professional team in which achievements and effort are always recognized, a motivating team that drives me to grow every day.In recent years I've worked as a QA Analyst in various consulting firms and projects, always under an agile methodology which allows integration and an iterative evolution of the project. I've worked from the functional area on the front-end side, as well as I've also worked on the services side for the creation and integration of Core banking.I feel comfortable being part of a work environment that allows me to be an added value for the growth of the company and the challenges that arise within it.



Full Stack Developer

Being developing for 9 years. Started with assembly/C++ at college. After one year had my first job. The job requires to learn JavaScript & MSSQL & ASP .net. So being codding with js ever since. In those 9 years had a lot of freelance jobs, mostly webpages. At first, I continue using JS + jQuery, also Bootstrap. After a couple of years, I start using Vue.js. Loved it. Then, as a personal goal, I enter the React world: React.js, React Native, and Mobx. So, in my latest projects I use React as main framework. As for DB I used mainly relational DBs (MSSQL and MySql). But in the past couple of years I also started to learn MongoDB.



Data Scientist

Estoy interesado en adquirir nuevos conocimientos, en especial aquellas relacionadas con tecnología de información.Soy una persona a la cual le gustan los desafíos, y disfruto resolviendo problemas. Tengo la capacidad de adaptarme fácilmente a distintos ambientes laborales y me considero una persona muy responsable. He trabajado en diferentes equipos de proyecto, desde equipos de investigación hasta equipos de desarrollo de software independientes. A partir de la experiencia que he ido adquiriendo, creo que el trabajo en equipo es esencial para el éxito de todo proyecto.



Database Administrator

I´m Sr Database Administrator in Microsoft SQL, I worked in many SQL versions 2005 - 2008/R2 – 2012 / 2014 y 2016 I worked with a lot of clients in USA Caribbean and LATAM for example, Caterpillar, Best Buy, Unistar, MMM, ATT&T, Abarca, Avianca, DirecTV and more.I have experience in Configuration and support, SQL audit, analysis, and research of SQL performance with PSSDIAG, SQL Nexus, PAL tool and I also worked in transact - SQL to get better performance in the server and data migrations to SQL Azure.



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