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Full Stack Developer

Around 10 years of Software Development experience.• Specialized in .NET development, considering Windows and Web Applications.• Extensive knowledge in database design and development for a wide variety of business applications. Particularly interested in client/server and relational database design using MS-SQL Server or PL/SQL.• Possess a basic knowledge in PHP coding and Java.• Excellent knowledge and expertise in entire Software Development Life Cycle in Agile environments: from gathering/ analyzing business requirements, Design, Development and Testing phases to Implementation; extensive experience in documentation & maintenance.• Ability to work effectively while working as a team member as well as individually.• Flexibility to change/leverage with any new Technology.



Full Stack Developer

Detailed-oriented, responsible and committed web engineer and Team Leader, with a getting-thins-done, on-time and high-quality code delivering skills. More than 12 years of experience defining requirements, designing, implenting, testing and delivering complex back/front-end web applications using assortment of technical skills, programming languages and technologies.I have an expertise on building complex and scalable web applications with a clean and easy maintainable code base. Proficient in a variety of technologies, including Ruby on Rails, Postgres, deployment tools, API, payment processors integration.I also have a strong background building eCommerce and other B2C solutions, integrating 3rd party RESTFul API, billing and payments gateways, logistic operators and marketing services.



Senior Java Architect and Data Scientist

I am a Java Developer with over 20 years of experience. I enjoy following standards, going deep on research, and code building prototypes. I've covered a wide range of topics (such as Graph Theory, Cryptocurrency Arbitrage, Graph Dashboards, Banking, Web Sites, ERP) and technologies, developing my skillset for customers located in several countries.My goal is to provide technological solutions according to company culture and vision and to contribute to a good working environment.



Project Manager

I am a Systems Engineer (2008) graduated from the Universidad de Oriente (Venezuela) with +10 years of experience developing solutions of different dimensions for multiple types of businesses and industries (Retail, Oil & Gas, Energy, Consultancy, and Others). Certified as a Professional Scrum Master with experience as Project and Product Manager, Leadership in PMO roles and IT Process Management constantly working with agile frameworks and traditional methodologies.Main Skills and abilities:-Balance in technical knowledge and business analysis.-Facilitator in Agile meetings and framework dynamics. -Manager of continuous improvement in products under development. -Enthusiasm for strategic analyzes with technical and financial variables. -Experienced in traditional project management under PMI best practices.-Team worker with strong concepts of leadership, autonomy, and commitment. -Ability to work in distributed and multicultural teams.



Back End Developer

My name is Alex. I was born in Barcelona in the 84 and I live in Sabadell (Barcelona, Spain), with my wife and our son.I define myself as a curious and persistent person.I am an avid reader and I love my profession so, I always have some book to read or I'm either enrolled in some course to have fun, learn and to be up to date.Regarding to my experience, I have been working into responsive web apps, REST APIs, desktop apps, middleware and native development for mobile. Kotlin and backend services have become my primary interest in the field of software engineering.I have a strong interest in improving my skills and knowledge on a daily basis to be the best professional I can be, always with good practices and standards in mind.I believe that unit testing is a powerful, bidirectional and extremely helpful tool.Recently, I discovered the benefits of functional programming so eventually I decided to start my own path to learn how to think like a functional programmer.



Software Architect

Electronics engineer and developer. Strong skills in programming with Python, JavaScript, PHP and HTML, ML basics. Experience using Node, GCP (Google Cloud Platform), Python / JS frameworks, specially Django, React and Angular 2+. Experience in web design with Wordpress. Interested in Internet of Things (IOT), Machine Learning and software development projects.