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Full Stack Developer

Hello, I am a person open to learning, dedicated, responsible and proactive. My main objective is to grow professionally in the labor sector of my profession, through a job that allows the professional development of its collaborators. I want to contribute to the development of the company by contributing my knowledge and efficiently developing the assigned tasks.As Developer I like helping to transform enterprises to the digital world and solving its unique problems. I'm comfortable with the communication between clients and the development team, I believe this achieves high quality products. And love to work with Cutting-Edge Technology to accomplish that.I bring a set of talents that I believe will be valuable In my role as a Developer, I honed my abilities in software development and programming, providing a solid foundation for the Developer position. My problem-solving strength, people-centric nature and eagerness to please have afforded me excellent observation skills.



QA Analyst

• Quantitative mindset.• Experienced Digital Data Analyst. Fluent in data analysis and assists with the development of new performance dashboards.• A very fine eye for detail, strong analytical skills, and problem-solving skills.• Knowledge of the Agile software development process and project management systems (JIRA).• Developing reports for continuous improvement on the product level and marketing.• Understanding of business and experience of the popular data analysis tools and databases.• Strong knowledge of Tableau (Desk and Prep Builder), Power BI, Excel.• Excellent good work independently and in a team, and high ambitions and dedication to succeed.• Control and Improvement of processes, WebSites & Apps• Technical mastery of the methods for the construction of the external campus and the FO accesses of FTTH network• Good knowledge of Tableau and Power BI (reporting, dashboarding, and administration).• Network Design• English



SysAdmin - DevOps - Junior FullStack Dev

Experienced Associate with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. Skilled in Wintel and VMWare infrastructure, Data Center Services, System Deployment, Scripting, Project Management, Service Delivery and Team Management. Currenty getting trained in Blueprints, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform and IaC and DevOps as a whole and starting a journey as a junior FullStack dev. A strong all-around professional with a knack for learning new stuff.



Back End Developer

I am a person that really like challenges and test my skills or improve it, enhance processes, also make coding libraries or services so my team can improve performance. Besides loving to take challenges I also like to share experience and knowlegede to fellow co-workers or team, so we can grow toguether as great professionals. I feel that my greatest contribution to a project is to commit 100% and add a plus to what is expected so it can bring the best experience, improving UX, enhancing business logic and performance on the projects, the ability to absorb and analyze new technologies quickly and thoroughly; and thinking out of the box.



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