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Data Scientist

Mid-Level software developer with over 4 years of experience participating in several projects focused in use of biometrics and different types of authentication, providing skillful solutions using agile development tools for short and long term projects.



Dev Ops

I’m a software developer who was always interested in computer science. I’ve been developing distributed and monolith web systems since I was 12 years old.For the last couple of years i've been working on automating and designing medium-size infrastructure from distributed reactive systems to a browser-based live streaming platform. My latest experience is developing and designing a serverless ecosystem for extracting and aggregating data from different web pages using scraping tools like google's puppeteer and reverse engineering RESTFul APIs. I’m interested in investigating new technologies and taking courses because I think that in this science it’s impossible to stop learning. I promote teamwork and contact with positive and creative people to exchange ideas, since I think that the most important thing about programming is thinking about solutions.“If you have anything staged, commit now or stash forever”.



Back End Developer

Acting as a developer and leading projects, it was possible to gain experience in some areas, from development to project planning, server configuration, pipeline configuration.These opportunities taught me how to look at projects with a broader view.They also enabled me to interact with various technologies such as: Java, Javascript, PHP, Python, Dart, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, GIT, Mercurial, SVN, Apache, NGINX, Node ...



Java Backend Developer

- Experience developing front-end and back-end systems for various industries including banking, Internet services, health, telecom and automotive.- Intensive working knowledge of Java, Spring framework, relational databases, Web services and enterprise patterns.- Eager to improve my system design skills and learn new programming languages.



Product Manager

Systems Engineer. Performing as project, program and delivery manager for the last 5 years for software development organizations. CISCO CCNA Certified and Spectrum researcher with some publications in the Dynamic Coalition for Community Connectivity (DC3) from the United Nations (UN) as well as an International Communications Union (ITU) for Development sector submission for Study Group 1/ Question 4 on Telecommunications/ICTs for rural and remote areas. Software developer with experience in compiled and interpreted languages both low and high level for the last 10 years including C++, Python, Javascript, and all web technologies. Proficient in the use of Django and Javascript frameworks.



Full Stack Developer

Around 10 years of Software Development experience.• Specialized in .NET development, considering Windows and Web Applications.• Extensive knowledge in database design and development for a wide variety of business applications. Particularly interested in client/server and relational database design using MS-SQL Server or PL/SQL.• Possess a basic knowledge in PHP coding and Java.• Excellent knowledge and expertise in entire Software Development Life Cycle in Agile environments: from gathering/ analyzing business requirements, Design, Development and Testing phases to Implementation; extensive experience in documentation & maintenance.• Ability to work effectively while working as a team member as well as individually.• Flexibility to change/leverage with any new Technology.



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