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Technical Lead

Skilled Frontend developer with experience working on big and small projects with Agile methodologies. Proficient in JavaScript, React, and React Native. Strong focus on UX. Fan of the entrepreneurial world. • Participated in the creation of a variety of mobile and web applications as a React.js/React Native developer• Worked directly with remote clients and teams all across the world, ranging from being the sole developer for clients with passion projects to working on teams of over 20 developers for enterprise clients• Trained new hires, documented processes, and best practices. Got promoted to Technical Lead while being company's Frontend referent



Full Stack Developer

✔I’m a Software Developer with 5+ years of experience. I have a strong desire for quality, attention to detail, and a high level of analytical ability. Solid developing experience with a wide variety of projects and technologies such as React, C#, .NET, Angular, JavaScript, as well as a deep understanding of agile methodologies and Software Development Lifecycle. I am very experienced in developing solutions following design patterns, creating Unit and Integration tests, and applying SOLID principles, CQRS, and Domain-Driven Design. Fully practical understanding of CD/CI pipelines and I have been working on this daily.✔ Ability to analyze and understand requirements well and identify products and process weaknesses and opportunities for improvement. Strong communication and leadership skills. Team player with excellent interpersonal skills, self-starter, and a quick learner.✉✆ +55 41 98701 4542



Back End Developer

Senior Fullstack JavaScript Developer with 6 years of experience.Skillset: Node.js, React.js, Express, GraphQL, Apollo, Redux, React Native, TypeScript.



Full stack-web and mobile developer

I am a developer with a strong background to adapt to new technologies and specialized in front-end pixel perfect with 9+ years of experience.That has led me to work with big companies like BenQ, Wikipedia and also be involved in the entire process of building products as a full-stack developer to create functional companies.



Front End Developer

I am a software quality enthusiast at all times. I consider myself proactive and seek to improve myself every day. I am currently using javascript with react for the development of a web application for an Argentinian Finance Company.The Knowledge is never enough.



Front End Developer

I'm a Software Developer, skilled in frontend development using different frameworks like ReactJS and Angular. Also, experience leading a software team under Scrum methodologies.