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Dev Ops

I'm passionate about technology and I have 10 years of professional experience in the field. Always in search of new challenges and opportunities to keep growing.



.Net Developer

I have 4 years of experience as a .net programmer working with web forms and SQL server among other languages.



Full Stack Developer

11+ years of software development experience. A record of success at working with agile and scrum methodologies at all stages of the development life cycle; from analyzing customers’ needs and gathering requirements to development and testing to deploying and supporting the final deliverable. Excels in a cross-functional, collaborative environment while accomplish tasks and achieving goals independently. Experienced at learning and applying new technology and techniques to create clean, robust solutions. Outstanding communication skills (Spanish/English).



Full Stack Developer

I am a software developer who is always is trying to improve, I feel passionate about how the things work, why they work in the way they do and how can they be improved.I started coding 5 years ago and I specialize in Microsoft Technologies such as .NET Framework, .NET Core and .NET Standard for the back end using Angular with Typescript for the front end.