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Software Architect

Software Architect, Innovator and Fullstack software developer with 12 years of experience.



Back End Developer

I am a very active and pro-active person, lover of research and technology. I like working in teams. I think it is in teams that you can get the best of each one. I consider myself self-manageable, I can manage my work time efficiently. I am an advanced fan in Robotics, IoT and everything that its related to them. An Systems Engineer, very enthusiastic about sports, lover to spend time with my children and outdoor life.



Mobile Developer

I have several years of experience with Android, in which I worked with Java and Kotlin, making use of third-party libraries such as Retrofit, Firebase, Room, Glide, Picasso, Dagger, Butterknife, Google, etc.I also have 2 years of experience as a iOS developer, working with Objective-c and Swift, making use of third-party libraries, such as: Alamofire, Firebase, ObjectMapper, Crashlytics, etc.



Android Developer

Bachelor Degree in Systems Analysis, Graduated from UBA, Technical Leader in Android.Native Android developer with experience in AndroidTV and SamsungTV with AngularJS.Proactive, I enjoy researching new technologies and implementing new solutions.Available for travel, Italian citizenship.