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Dev Ops

Experienced in Information Technology Infrastructure with a demonstrated history of working at the services industry and Armed Forces. As a DevOps Team Leader Skilled in: Manages and leads teams, communicates company goals, safety practices, and deadlines to team. Cloud Computing, Scrumb , Containers, Windows/Linux servers, Automation, Code reviewing, Bash Scripting, Secure testing, network administration, Technical Support, Database Security, and Oracle Database Administration. Monitoring system implementation, Automated routines scripting and SOC operations.Goals:Improve communication between areas, improve team productivity and keep platforms operational. Make technical and operational improvements in areas.Ensure the safety of the company.



Back End Developer

I've been developer for 15 years, through these years I've programmed in different language: Pascal, C, C++, Visual Basic. Many at same time, until arriving PHP (Laravel and Vue.js) being this last the that more I use nowday.Well, how I told before, I've being developer for 15 years, I'm graduated in computing, in all these years I've not learned just about programming, but also network administrator, server administrator, Linux server configuration, apache configuration, PHP, MySQL, samba, mail server, ftp, SSH. Which have been very useful in my professional career.Why do I think I'd be a good fit ? Well, I like put all my knowledge in practice, I like to learn every day, if there is anything that I don't know, I investigate to give it solution. I'm honest if there is something that cannot be done.Those are somethings about me, my way of working, putting my effort for so that things go well



Back End Developer

For more than 20 years, I've been helping companies and business in developing intranet and web solutions for their internal needs. From web pages, to specialized intranet sites up to ERP implementations. Having also a good back ground in infraestructure (both, local and cloud based systems) and combining it with programming, I've been able to help small and medium business (up to 5,000 employees) to solve their needs.




I've been a Linux Sysadmin for almost 7 full years. Working hard every day, learning new stuff and always trying to automate things so I don't have to repeat myself.



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