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QA Analyst

I consider myself a tenacious and pro-active person. With the will to acquire new skills and share my already acquired knowledge, helping to form a synergistic team promoting a good work environment.



Senior Software Engineer

A highly driven and successful Senior Software Development Engineer with a passion for delivering exceptional results in a diverse range of industries.Full lifecycle solutions including design, development, implementation and testing of back-end, front-end, system architecture and next generation applications.Thriving under pressure and managing complex projects with enthusiasm and creativity.An excellent communicator, engaging stakeholders and a proven ability to lead multidiscipline teams.A true problem solver with excellent attention to detail and the ability to manage a large workload of diverse activities.A dedicated project leader; managing budgets and deadlines, inspiring colleagues and providing exceptional coaching to junior team members.Deep understanding of business with commercial awareness, transforming strong business requirements to winning software solutions.Currently seeking challenging consultancy assignments where he can add value from day one.



QA Analyst

Passionate about methodologies and how to get the best of each group of persons I have worked with. I like to be drive the Companies or Teams transformation towards Agile, aiming to self management and continuous improvement as the final goal on each team while working on planned deliveries.Experience working with remote devs, PO, DM and stakeholders.



Product Manager

I'm a Senior UI/UX Product Lead Designer with extensive experience, I focus my work on (UI) User Interface Design, (UX) User Experience Design, and Branding.



Infrastructure Engeenier

Hi! I'm Tomás. Currently I'm developing myself and working as Infrastructure Engeenier and leader of the DevOps Team at my company. I'm in charge of multiple AWS accounts and its resources. I have experiencie in technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Jenkins. I like to ensure that everything I do fits in CI/CD pipelines. I consider myself a Linux lover, I enjoy using the terminal as much as posible. Not only I use cloud but also on-premise servers.Before all that, I worked as Python developer, specifically in projects regarding data science, that's why I feel confortable using pandas, sklearn and ELT processes, so I quite confident working as and with developers.



Back End Developer

My goal is to develop my potential in an exciting and challenging environment, contributing to the company's success while I keep learning and improving.



Project Manager

Project Manager, Scrum Master, SW Developer, Presales Consultant, PMP, MBA, Engineer, AWS & Azure Architect, and IT Enthusiast.



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