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Front End Developer

I'm a versatile front-end developer with over 10 years of well-rounded experience in web and mobile web development, focused on javascript frameworks, object-oriented programming and user-centered design.



Full Stack Developer

My name is Ezequiel and I from Argentina. I really like to solve problems and that is why I am passionate about programming. I have over 10 years of experience in C#.NET and Microsoft SQL Server. I like to work in a team, I adapt very easily



Full Stack Developer

Developer with over 12 years of experience. I have a great interest in creating codebase and libraries to help my co-workers and myself to be more productive.- Focus on Microsoft Technologies. I'm very interested on Xamarin and Vue/nuxt.- Experience in training, coaching.Expertise:- Software Architecture, thinking projects to link each others.- Server Management, Deployments, IIS Tunning, Load Balancers, TFS SettingsDevelopment- MVC/WebApi, Xamarin, Asp .Net/Core, WebForms, WinForms- NHibernate, EntityFramework- WCF, ASMX, Web sockets- SignalR- Unit Testing - TDDWeb- Several JS frameworks suc Vue, Nuxt, KO, Angular, and others- SAAS / LESS- Bootstrap, Material DesignData Base:- Postgresql / SQLServer / Oracle / MySql / SQLiteSource control:- TFS / GITOthers:- Design Patterns- MVC - MVVM - MVP- Unit Of Work - Repository Pattern - Drive Domain Desing- SPA Architecture - SAAS Architecture



Back End Developer

I like my career because I am a lover of technology and computing, in addition, making use of this can besolved environments in which it is difficult for man to attend many times, in this way developingtechnological solutions of the latest generation, with best practices, with great professionalism and aboveall oriented to delivering quality both externally and internally. I consider having the ability to learn at thelevel of programming, which allows me to easily learn this science.



.Net Fullstack Developer

I'm a developer of Microsoft technologies, started with .Net on version 1.1. The type of projects is very diverse, from WinForms, WebForms, MVC, ASMX, WCF, WPF, and a little of Xamarin on .Net Framework and .Net core. There are other technologies I also use, as JS, TS, Angular, and other front end libraries.These projects are for different types of industries, like manufacturing, insurance, marketing, online stores and more.



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