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System Programming

I'm an enthusiast of not only software engineering, but all about methodologies, project management, and a big follower of product trends. Displaying a mix of both product ownership skills and technical craftsmanship, German is a dedicated and unique resource.



Back End Developer

I've been working in web application development projects since 2005. I have more than 8 years of experience in web backend implementations. Also I'm project leader.



Senior Java Architect and Data Scientist

I am a Java Developer with over 20 years of experience. I enjoy following standards, going deep on research, and code building prototypes. I've covered a wide range of topics (such as Graph Theory, Cryptocurrency Arbitrage, Graph Dashboards, Banking, Web Sites, ERP) and technologies, developing my skillset for customers located in several countries.My goal is to provide technological solutions according to company culture and vision and to contribute to a good working environment.



Mobile Developer

I like to make apps that add value to people, that give them some usefulness in the best possible way, always thinking about usability, design and performance.I like to work together with clients and users to achieve the best results.



Mobile Developer

I'm a Software Engineer with 6+ years on Mobile Applications development with Android, including Kotlin, Java, Firebase, and Cloud Firestore. I define myself to be energetic with new ideas and adapting quickly to new groups to work with. Always motivated to learn more and adopt new technologies. Currently working as an Android developer (full-stack) inclined mostly on Clean Architecture and backend services with GCP (Firebase)