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Front End Developer

Computer Systems Engineer, 29 years old, interested in new and innovative technologies related to full stack development and networking.



Android Developer

Currently I specialize in the area of ​​mobile development for Android, with plans to learn and develop also on iOS.For about 14 years I have had the opportunity to use my knowledge and skills in different areas, such as Accounting, Human Resources, Supply Chains and Logistics.I have carried out tasks in the area of ​​software development as well as in project management and personnel management.I enjoy staying in constant learning, and sharing with others what I have learned. Team work is the key to always achieve very good results.



Project Manager

I am a professional Computer Science Engineering with experience in finding solutions for different business needs, customer service, aptitude for optimizing performance and leading & motivating development teams.I am motivated with communication proficiency and extensive Project Manager experience. I enjoy being part of a team whose main objective is to develop the best solution as possible, implementing agile methodologies, latest technologies and ensuring the quality on top of that.



Full stack-web and mobile developer

I am a developer with a strong background to adapt to new technologies and specialized in front-end pixel perfect with 9+ years of experience.That has led me to work with big companies like BenQ, Wikipedia and also be involved in the entire process of building products as a full-stack developer to create functional companies.



Mobile Developer

👨🏻‍💻 I am a software consultant / contractor / freelancer with over 6 years of experience and I help companies or individuals around the world design and implement their mobile software solutions.💻 I enjoy developing Android Mobile Applications using Java, Kotlin, RxJava, Retrofit, Butterknife, Firebase.📥 Drop me a message if you think my expertise could help your organization!



Full Stack Developer

IT professional with 30+ years of experience developing solutions.