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Data Scientist

Mid-Level software developer with over 4 years of experience participating in several projects focused in use of biometrics and different types of authentication, providing skillful solutions using agile development tools for short and long term projects.



Full Stack Developer

I'm a Full Stack developer, my main fields of experience are .Net, C# and Angular. My main skill is to solve problems through self-learning and research, doing this I learned lots of new skills, from languages to best practices. I love clean code, always do my best so my code is understandable just by looking at it.



System Programming

I am a software engineer who loves finding solutions for different business needs. I really enjoy being part of a team whose the main objective is to develop the best solution as possible, implementing agile methodologies, latest technologies and ensuring the quality on top of that. Participate in the entire life cycle of the software application is what I like the most.



Back End Developer

Professional in systems engineering, specialist in Enterprise Software Architecture, certified in Personal Software Proccess. Knowledge in software architecture, business architecture, cloud architecture and skills in software development and implementation.Project Management / Architecture LeaderSkills: Resource management, cost and time analysis, software quality management, writing and analyzing proposals and requirements, reading organizational objectives and guiding the objectives of the areas on that path. Goals: In these roles I have managed to consolidate the knowledge on the management of work teams, in addition to achieving recognition for exercising positive leadership.Developer / .NetSkills: I have a passion for development, I love thinking logically to solve problems, I am creative, always thinking about the best possible solution. Goals: Each development has been a challenge, analyze, learn and implement a variety of applications is a personal achievement.



Front End Developer

Fullstack .NET Developer. Broad experience using ASP.NET, Javascript(JQuery), Angular, HTML5, CSS3(Bootstrap) and SQL Server. I love good practices and refactoring.Allways willing to expand my knowledge and skills constantly.