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Back End Developer

I consider myself creative, dynamic, safe, honest, responsible, punctual and dedicated to my work, with aspirations to standing out, with values ​​and professional ethics with a pro-active attitude, with the ability to work as a team and under pressure, to face and lead the change. As an accomplishment of my performance, I obtained a meritorious 4th place in the application tournament at the Hispanic-American level "TuApp" with my application called "iPet", where my work was to do the backend mobile development with Python , part of the frontend mobile development on Android and the exhibitor in the event.



Software Architect

I think of myself as a developer who is always looking for an effective and efficient way to solve a logical problem, seeking to maintain the highest quality. I love sharing my knowledge with the members of my teams or the people involved in the current project, I believe that despite all of my experience and knowledge I still have a lot to learn, every day new technologies are launched so it is very important to experimenting and researching these to be up to date. I believe software development is a set of logical paradigms utilizing programming languages which are only tools to accomplish given tasks each of the programming languages have their strengths and when needed choosing wisely which to use is the way to go, the learning curve is just part of using the best tool for the job.



Back End Developer / Software Architect

I am Komlev Serguei, friend of all languages ​​but I live mostly with python. Lover programming and new challenges.



Back End Developer

I can describe myself as a very active person, always in search of personal development, I like to be learning all the time. I adore reading, socializing and working in a team.There is nothing more beautiful than knowledge.I am passionate about everything related to products, potential technologies and companies, everything that involves effort, creativity, motivation and dedication is for me.I have a passion for making things happen.



Dev Ops

I’m a software developer who was always interested in computer science. I’ve been developing distributed and monolith web systems since I was 12 years old.For the last couple of years i've been working on automating and designing medium-size infrastructure from distributed reactive systems to a browser-based live streaming platform. My latest experience is developing and designing a serverless ecosystem for extracting and aggregating data from different web pages using scraping tools like google's puppeteer and reverse engineering RESTFul APIs. I’m interested in investigating new technologies and taking courses because I think that in this science it’s impossible to stop learning. I promote teamwork and contact with positive and creative people to exchange ideas, since I think that the most important thing about programming is thinking about solutions.“If you have anything staged, commit now or stash forever”.



Front End Developer

Front-end developer with 1 year and a half of experience building apps and websites. Worked with ReactJs and React-Native. I have knowledge with Javascript, ReactJs, React-Native, C++, C, Java and I also have a bit of knowledge about Python and Django. I mainly work as a programmer but lately I've been helping a bit with team leading. I love programming, I really like the team aspect of it and being able to create something from nothing.