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Graphic Designer

My name is Sofía Argiró, I am a graphic designer specialized in branding, ux and product design. I am in constant search of new challenges that allow me to grow and develop my abilities to the maximum. As a designer I really enjoy every creative process i dive myself into, I like to explore different graphics and concepts. I found both, personally and professionally, that the daily exchange ofideas and experiences is the key factor to have a better chance of reaching a better result., that is why I find teamwork extremely enriching and rewarding.I consider myself a responsible and efficient person when it comes to solving problems.Likewise, I find that the key to product design is to understand the issue to be communicated and the audience we are addressing to, from that starting point there are countless graphic ways to do it. In my opinion, we can create a great user experience, only when we understand the user motivation that guides the action.



UI Designer

● Lead UX designer with a strong background in branding who delivers on high-quality customer experience with intuitive interface solutions.● Core professional skills: creates product naming, logos, designs and advertisement solutions. Develops guidelines of high scalability for branding and interfaces.● Core personal skills: creative, self-motivated and customer-oriented. Dynamically acts across functional roles in interdisciplinary teams.