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Database Administrator

I am a DBA looking for a new challenge. I started 12 years ago and had the opportunity to work on:- SQL 2000-2017 on Windows + SQL 2012-2017 on AWS + High availability implementation - MySQL 4,5 on Windows and Unix - Oracle 9i-12c + RAC + iAS/OAS (Windows, IBM-AIX,HP-UX,Solaris,CentOS,Ubuntu,Red Hat,SuSE) - PostgreSQL and MariaDB installation and basic management for testing environments - Intersystems Caché v5.0 (Non rdbms) - Monitoring and reporting of DB services and health checks(Windows PerfMon, Zabbix, etc) - Intermediate Programming on T-SQL / PLSQL and Shell scripting for maintenance routines development, etc - Basic PowerShell automation - Documentation production for process standardization on SQL Server and SQL Server related product installations and Health checks - Reception and formatting of raw data for several projects (bulk load, etx) - Drone data capture via RF for crop growth and pest control on MySQL Server - Backup Exec support and administration(for Symantec)



Dev Ops

SRE Team Member & IoT Professor // I'm a passionate about technologies, focused mainly on Cloud infrastructure and DevOps, tutor in the IoT research group in Universidad Católica de Oriente. Enthusiastic in the design of cloud solutions, Internet of Things, Big Data and Machine Learning.



Dev Ops

System Engineer with experience on Infrastructure administration who likes to works behind the DevOps methodology. Always ready for new challenges.



System Programming

As a SQL Server 2005-2017 DBA I manage stand alone and Clustered instances for several clients spread around the globe. I’ve developed T-SQL, PowerShell scripts/programs to automate and improve different processes. I also manage UNIX based environments where I install and maintain PostgreSQL, MySQL, ElasticSearch and MongoDB database servers. For this role I've also created Bash and Python based scriptsI've been working with colleagues and clients in different locations across the world (USA, Sydney, Manila, Poland, London, India) always prioritizing cordiality and teamwork.



IT Support

I'm an SAP basis administrator, database administrator and systems analyst.My focus is on SAP implementation and upgrades.



Data Scientist

Database Administrator - DBA Senior Extensive experience in the field of systems, in Oracle, Vertica, MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, DB2 databases. I have certifications in Oracle Database 10g and 11g, Vertica 8 and Oracle Data Integrator 12c. Management, administration and tuning of different Oracle architectures such as Oracle RAC, DataGuard, GoldenGate, Exadata, Grid Infrastructe, Grid Control, ASM. Development and administration of ETL Tools. Experience in Data Science models with PYTHON and R development.



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