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Project Manager

Information System Engineer with 14 years of experience in Management. I am fully motivated to grow as a professional in my field. I wish to integrate a high-level working team in which I can develop my professional skills with excellence and collaborate in order to fulfill the company’s strategic objectives. Furthermore, I intend to encourage teamwork and a good working environment.



Account Manager

In the last years, my academic and professional experience have been grown successfully with high dedication, working on employee hiring & on-boarding, process improvements, training, and people related tasks, as well as all the communication and event management related to talent engagement and productivity across several distinct areas.Always seeking for new paths that will provide me the opportunity to develop my skills focusing in working with people and people management, recruitment and leadership.



Functional Analyst

My experience is more than 15 years in local and international companies located in Venezuela and Argentina, and remotely for Latin America and Europe in different market sectors such as Pharmaceutical, Mass Consumption, and telecommunications. My development has basically been in the SAP functional support where I have had the opportunity to meet and nourish myself professionally in different modules of the SAP tool and products.I am looking for an opportunity in a dynamic company that values its human resources and looks to the future with Innovation and excellence A place where I can develop my full potential and put into practice the skills that I have acquired in my professional career under the most absolute responsibility, with the passion and commitment that characterizes me as a person and as a professional.



Project Manager

My name is Leticia Ramos. Software Engineering Bachelor. 26 years of experience in IT Industry, 16 as Project Manager.PMP certified since 2007. Business Administration degree since 2009. PMP-ACP (agile) certified since 2013.Wide experience managing large projects with clients all over LATAM , Canada and USA. Experience leading large multidisciplinary teams, distributed in different locations/countries. Client satisfaction and result driven approach are my guidelines.



Product Manager

Systems Engineer. Performing as project, program and delivery manager for the last 5 years for software development organizations. CISCO CCNA Certified and Spectrum researcher with some publications in the Dynamic Coalition for Community Connectivity (DC3) from the United Nations (UN) as well as an International Communications Union (ITU) for Development sector submission for Study Group 1/ Question 4 on Telecommunications/ICTs for rural and remote areas. Software developer with experience in compiled and interpreted languages both low and high level for the last 10 years including C++, Python, Javascript, and all web technologies. Proficient in the use of Django and Javascript frameworks.



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