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Back End Developer

Im a .NET software developer, always looking to add new skills.Certified Scrum Master, Agile evangelistIm focused on back end development, web api.Basic knowledge of front end technologies like Angular.



QA Analyst

Passionate about methodologies and how to get the best of each group of persons I have worked with. I like to be drive the Companies or Teams transformation towards Agile, aiming to self management and continuous improvement as the final goal on each team while working on planned deliveries.Experience working with remote devs, PO, DM and stakeholders.



Product Manager

I am a systems engineer with Project Management and Scrum Master certifications. More than 10 years in IT industry and experience in consulting, management, team leadership, business administration, processes optimization, and experienced in teams and people development. I'm a team motivator, strategic planner, problem solving facilitator, with a proactive, responsible, flexible personality and results and client oriented.



Project Manager

I am a professional Computer Science Engineering with experience in finding solutions for different business needs, customer service, aptitude for optimizing performance and leading & motivating development teams.I am motivated with communication proficiency and extensive Project Manager experience. I enjoy being part of a team whose main objective is to develop the best solution as possible, implementing agile methodologies, latest technologies and ensuring the quality on top of that.



Functional Analyst

I work generating interpersonal relations so we can achieve our goals. Listen, analyze, empathize, learn and adapt. Always putting myself to the test. Currently interested in Product Owner, Scrum Master, Agile Coach and/or Project Management positions.During my last role in Accenture I worked with agile methodologies for software development and support (DevOps) taking different roles (PO, Scrum Master and Proyect Manager). For the last year I have been working on GDPR, coordinating and implementing remediations required for the new regulation.



Product Manager

I am interested in personal challenges, I am passionate about the things that attract me and awaken a constant challenge in my everyday life.I love learning about new and innovative problems and constantly expand my knowledge. I develop with ease and dexterity in interpersonal relationships, always working as a leader.I am interested in working with people in work groups under a friendly and responsible work environment. I like to work with people in charge and use my leadership tools.I always work in result-oriented environments. I am interested in the creation of projects or ideas from the beginning, where I put all my creative skills in the project.



Product Manager

I have always been passionate about learning new things and experimenting with them. Also I have developed my professional career mainly in technology, especially in the design and development of software products that solve real problems for people.



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