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Back End Developer

Bilingual Senior Developer / Business Intelligence Analyst experienced in supporting and developing Mainframe applications and ETL / EDW projects. Project Management capabilities / Scrum Master skilled in Big Data / Business Intelligence, data bases and mainframe technologies. Proactive, problem-solving, result oriented and with great soft skills.



Front End Developer

With Comercial del Sur de Papelería we expanded our market area and we developed a profitable e-commerce model. Not every webshop differs in regard to the products it offers, so we excel in the service been provided. Our information is designed to be as broad-reaching as possible so that it may be adapted to a variety of situations. Applying these services to your business will help you become more adept.At GFT we are introducing new products and processing payments in greater volumes than before. This means the bank can scale its operations seamlessly as it takes on new business. The bank's clients will benefit from accessing its services via a state-of-the-art new single platform available through multiple channels. New dashboards and workflow tools make it simple to control and monitor with superior operational controls such as advanced prioritisation, throttling and real-time monitoring, also quick adaptation and customisation.



Data Scientist

Gurupratap has a keen interest in Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence and comes with over 9 years of professional experience. He dominates the python programming language and has a great understanding of using data to solve business problems.Being well versed in mathematics and holding a postgraduate degree, he currently aims to put all his learnings and experience on solving real world problems for a great company.His work experience includes developing recommender systems, building forecasting models, working with big data, orchestrating AI pipelines with airflow, containerising apps using docker, training chatbots and teaching data scienceIn the past he built applications for universities, recommender systems for startups, forecasting models, integrating CI/CD in existing applications and spam email classifiers using Naive Bayes theorem.



Data Scientist

Degree in Technology with broad career path in multinational companies, in management of programmer groups and maintenance of software using the best development practices. Estimation, planning, development and implementation of tough projects in SAP platform and Web and Mobile. Manager of big team groups with multidisciplinary development platforms. Experience working with multiple areal teams, providers, customers and directors. SCRUM, PMI, Agile.



System Programming

System/Backend developer with experience on microservices, IoT, telecommunications, fintechs, GPS and more.



Software Architect

I am a Software Engineer with more than 10 years of experience, and I have good Spanish, English and French skills.I see the software as a part of my life, I am passionate about the software architecture and team management. I love to design a solution giving real estimations, optimizing costs and managing teams.In addition, I have Argentinean and French citizenship



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