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Back End Developer

Agile minded developer. Technology Agnostic.Learning every day about new technologies.I speak SQL, NoSQL, Node, JAVA many others and keep learning...



Full Stack Developer

Experienced Full Stack Developer with +15 years in the industry and high-level proficiency in the analysis, design and implementation of web, mobile and desktop applications. I have experience in several programming languages and frameworks: -- Front End -- ReactJS / React Native / VueJS / Redux / Apollo / Styled components / Storybook / Babel / Webpack / CSS3 / SASS / HTML5 -- Back End -- NodeJS 12+ / Express / Koa / Hapi / GraphQL / C# .NET Core / .NET Framework 4.x / ASP.NET MVC 5 / ASP.NET Web API 2 / Java 11 / Spring 2.1 -- Databases -- Postgresql / MS SQL Server / MongoDB / MySQL / Oracle -- Testing -- BDD / TDD / Unit testing / Integration testing / End to end tests / Mocha / Chai / Sinon / nyc / cypress / puppeteer / cucumber / NUnit / JUnit / Selenium -- DevOps -- Docker compose / Kubernetes / Jenkins / Travis / Bamboo / Codeship / Github / Gitlab / TFS / SVN



Back End Developer

My goal is to develop my potential in an exciting and challenging environment, contributing to the company's success while I keep learning and improving.



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