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Full Stack Developer

I'm a +10 years developer. I've helped manage a scrum team of +15 coders, part local and part remote, and flown by the company to Africa to get the product working and train users. I've also helped design and build a multi threaded and distributed transactional system that can process over 72,000 transactions per hour, all on .NET framework.I have a pretty good idea as to what my clients need and how to keep them posted on progress, specially if they are on the other side of the world.I have degree in Information Systems Engineering, and i've been working with Microsoft technologies for over 9 years, in projects ranging from transaction switchers and custom ERP systems.I'm a self driven developer, so I often take the lead in improving stuff and suggesting on how to do things better. I love to learn every nook and cranny of the frameworks i'm working on, and try to bring new stuff on board when I see that it would help the team and the product.



Front End Developer

I'm a Senior Full Stack Developer with a lot of years of experience in the IT and Software Development world. I'm passionate about technologies and general knowledge related to programming. I've a strong leadership orientation and solid experience in managing IT people. I'm a very focused and detail-oriented person with a strong ability to learn everything in a short period of time.I also have the ability to adapt to any working methodology (SCRUM, Agile). I've no preference for any back/front techonologies, I like them all the same and adapt to any new one in a relatively quick period of time. From desktop to Web/Mobile apps (even cloud hosted applications, like Azure, AWS, Kubernetes and so on).



Full Stack Developer

A Software Engineer with 14 years of working experience in IT roles, 12 of them in web applicationdevelopment, who is passionate about programming and computer science. He is reliable, collaborative,trustworthy, self-training capable, eager to learn new stuffs and willing always to improve processes. Verycreative and innovative, able to work on own initiative or as part of a team. He also has entrepreneur and leadership skills ashe founded and ran a small business, managing 3 employees for one year. Strong analytical and problemsolving skills combined with experience in application support, in-depth code debugging and bug fixing.



Back End Developer

I am a System Engineer and Senior Software Developer with more than 10 years of experiencein web development. I have worked mostly with JavaScript frameworks such as Angular or React JS (with Redux)and Microsoft Technologies for backend.



Technical Lead

Professional systems engineer with advanced knowledge of the .Net platform (Microsoft Certified Developer). I have a great teamwork capacity, self-taught person, quick knowledge absorption and adaptation to different work environments. Plus, freelancer for software developing and consulting.



Software Architect

Deeply passionate full-stack Software Developer working as a foreign contractor for USA Companies with more than 6 years of experience building web applications, defining CI&CD pipelines, automating testing, and hosting applications on main cloud infrastructure providers. I have to define projects from the beginning, build proofs of concepts and take important design decisions upon the life cycle of the applications. Worked mainly over finance, legal, car sales, pest control, insurance industries.