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Back End Developer

I'm an enthusiastic coder, and I've been working as a backend developer my whole working



Software Architect

I'm a technical leader with an academic background in research and teaching. I've worked in long term projects for customers both in the US and Germany, using multiple languages and technologies ranging from infrastructure, app servers, databases to HTML/CSS/JS presentation layer. I've +12 years of experience in systems engineering, developing applications for public and private sectors. I've worked 4 years as an Operating Systems & Programming professor in UTN Argentina. Also, I've worked in multiple academic research projects: DDD, e-voting, websites.



Dev Ops

Proactive and highly responsible DevOps with a vast experience in Information Technology and IT Security, both on-premise and Cloud infrastructures.Specialized in AWS (Amazon Web Services), troubleshooting and error tracking.Serverless Evangelist.More than 10 years of experience working with linux servers, CISCO Systems and administrate large and critical mission platforms for government sector and financial sector without issue or critical outage. Securing servers from external and internal attacks. Large experience working with planning, deploying and managing Virtualized and Cloud Environment.



Full Stack Developer

I am a web developer (10 years of experience) using a range of open source technologies such as PHP, Laravel, AWS (knowledge of EC2, S3, RDS, CodeDeploy, CloudWatch, Lambda, Lex, API Gateway, Comprehend, Rekognition and DynamoDB among others), MySQL, Solr, Angular, VueJS and MongoDB. However I use many other technologies for different purposes.