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Software Architect

I'm a technical leader with an academic background in research and teaching. I've worked in long term projects for customers both in the US and Germany, using multiple languages and technologies ranging from infrastructure, app servers, databases to HTML/CSS/JS presentation layer. I've +12 years of experience in systems engineering, developing applications for public and private sectors. I've worked 4 years as an Operating Systems & Programming professor in UTN Argentina. Also, I've worked in multiple academic research projects: DDD, e-voting, websites.



Dev Ops

I have been able to build a secure, reliable and resilient infrastructure with AWS services for several startups, which have helped them make faster launches in the market.Also, I had the experience of building HIPAA compliant architectures in AWS services.Besides building the infrastructures also I have written many pipelines to automate the build, testing, and deployments of several applications.But as a good DevOps consultant, I also have several experience managing logs (ELK, and monitoring tools (Datadog, Cloudwatch, Icinga) for keep two eyes in the infrastructure, and be able to detect immediately any issue.I have experience with both containerized (AWS ECS, Kubernetes, Docker-compose) and no containerized (Opsworks, Chef, Ansible) applications.



Dev Ops

Currenly I'm working as a DevOps defining architectures and automating CI/CD pipelines working for clients as Kolektor, Arcor and Córdoba Government (Argentina). I'm also managing the Infrastructure Middleware and Devops Teams (at Ayi & asociados).Before I was an Oracle platform administrator. I've worked for clients as Naranja, Zurich, Prefectura Naval Argentina, Arcor, etc



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