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Full Stack Developer

Hello there! I'm a full stack software engineer specialized in java/kotlin and Angular. I love applying my knowledge and being part of new software projects, specially if it envolves learning new technologies so that i can get to know the latests things within the industry.I'm particularly interested in getting involved in projects where agile practices are applied, like scrum.Mi current objective is to keep gaining project management experiencie so that in short or medium term i can take part in a software project as a team leader or PM, this way i can also combine my software engineer technical knowledge for a complete understanding of a project life cycle.



Full Stack Developer

I am an experienced software developer, driving successful projects with more than 14+ years of progressive IT experience using many technologies and tools including C#, ASP.NET MVC, .NET Core, RESTful, Microservices, AWS. I excel at backend programming with the C#, ASP.NET, and I feel comfortable with React on Frontend. Other technologies that I had worked with include Docker, Angular.JS, Javascript, Typescript, Node, Bootstrap, Selenium, SSIS, and so more. I am capable of adapting to any development process with the ability to absorb and analyze new technologies quickly and thoroughly, I also have experience migrating legacy code to new technology.



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