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Back End Developer

Hi, I'm Cesar,I have worked with Enterprise Software Systems throughout my career with roles played in analysis, development and management. I lead projects using both agile and waterfall methodologies and am well versed in the inner workings of the software development and delivery world.I'm very passionate about web application development and I prototype and build web apps in entrepreneurial pursuits. Google Cloud, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Go( Golang ), Java, Python and Angular has proven to be a very strong force in this field and are especially powerful when it comes to speed and scalability for any kind of companies.The last 5 years I have been focused building cloud microservice.



Dev Ops

Electronic Engineer certified in Scrum Master and Developer. Responsible person with abilities in problem resolution and a good attitude within a team. Proficient in the research and proposal of innovative solutions according to the needs that arise in the day to day business. Skills in application development with different programming languages like Cobol, Java, .Net, Python. Participation as DevOps Engineer in digital transformation projects in AWS cloud related to mobile apps, web portals and chatbot applications implemented with agile methodology in the financial sector.



Full Stack Developer

I am a web developer (10 years of experience) using a range of open source technologies such as PHP, Laravel, AWS (knowledge of EC2, S3, RDS, CodeDeploy, CloudWatch, Lambda, Lex, API Gateway, Comprehend, Rekognition and DynamoDB among others), MySQL, Solr, Angular, VueJS and MongoDB. However I use many other technologies for different purposes.



Full Stack Developer

Software Engineer with more that 10 years, expert working with Javascript, .NET C# and Typescript (AngularJS and Angular 6+), ReactJS, NodeJS, Serverless, AWS, HTML5 and CSS3, ASP MVC, SQL Server, MongoDB and others.



Front End Developer

I'm a Senior Full Stack Developer with a lot of years of experience in the IT and Software Development world. I'm passionate about technologies and general knowledge related to programming. I've a strong leadership orientation and solid experience in managing IT people. I'm a very focused and detail-oriented person with a strong ability to learn everything in a short period of time.I also have the ability to adapt to any working methodology (SCRUM, Agile). I've no preference for any back/front techonologies, I like them all the same and adapt to any new one in a relatively quick period of time. From desktop to Web/Mobile apps (even cloud hosted applications, like Azure, AWS, Kubernetes and so on).



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