Quality Management & Software Development

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How do we ensure Quality software? Quality is defined, according to ISO, as degree to which a set of inherent characteristics meets previously determined requirements; and those requirements, as an established need or expectation, generally implicit or mandatory.

In the case of software, quality is referred to as the compliance with established functional and performance requirements, explicitly documented development standards and the implicit characteristics expected of all software.

Due to the nature of the software, its quality can not be measured directly. That is why when we speak about quality in software development, we normally refer to the processes by which it is developed. For this reason, both in its design and in the assurance of its quality, we must take into account the main points of friction that are the cause of problems.

68% of executives in the sector anticipate that their software projects will fail in some way

Moreover, 63% of the projects do not end in the planned time and only 32% do, according to the initial budget. Besides, more than 50% of the technical staff of software and 70% of the directors of software have poor training in quality control.

The real impact of these statistics is the loss of income and market opportunities, where we also have to take into account the cost of customer dissatisfaction, intangible but real. For this very reason, it is necessary to involve them within the development processes and get their feedback constantly has become an obligation.

So how do you control the quality of software development processes?

Quality software implies the use of standard methodologies or procedures for the analysis, design, programming and testing of software that allow to standardize the work philosophy, in order to achieve greater reliability, maintainability and ease of testing, while raising Productivity, both for the development work and for the control of software quality. Having defined processes and improving them, we can increase the quality of the products continuously.

That is why the quality of the software is not certified, what is certified are the procedures to build a quality software, according to the established normalizations, ISO 9000CMMIMoprosoft, among others, which guide to keep under control the processes and eliminate the causes that generate unsatisfactory behaviors at important stages of the quality cycle to achieve better economic results.

From Celerative we believe that certification in quality management in software development is of vital importance since it allows us to normalize processes in order to ensure the quality of what we do in an industry that is progressing day by day in leaps and bounds and changes constantly.

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