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Make all your
remote freelancers payments online

Our platform removes the stress from international employment by helping big and small companies to hire global workers legally and quickly.

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All of your contractors get paid by approving only one invoice

  1. Multiple Contractor Management
  2. IC Compliance
  3. Pay in local currency in over 150 countries
  4. Tax compliance
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All in one place to sign Contracts
and pay Remote Talent

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No matter if they live in the US, Spain, Argentina, or Australia. Don't deal with Global Payments.

We do it for you.

Celerative Payments Benefits

Contractor Management
& IC Compliance

Ideal for rapid employment or to reduce labor cost.

Multiple Contractors
and Payments

We know that managing and paying more than 1 remote contractor is hard. Rest in Celerative to do it without the hassle.


Contractors are paid in their currency in over 150 countries and the payment method of their election.

Tax compliance

Sign all the tax documents you need. W-8 Form, in case your company is based in the US. Maintain compliance with local laws.

All in one place to sign Contracts and pay
Remote Talent

Use Celerative to create contracts, sign, pay, manage expenses and provide support to your contractors.

Track Performance

Integrate your tools so you can track performance while working remotely with your team.

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