We build high-performing
distributed teams

Step 1.

Get to know you

Sign up to our platform and give us a little information about your goals. One of our representatives will contact you to clarify and to address your questions.

Step 2.

Assemble your dream team

We will select the best team from our pool of experts, in relation to your deadlines, budget, project affinity and previous experience.

Step 3.

Track performance

During the project, our experts will seamlessly track their progress on our platform, providing you with real-time insights on project status.

Step 4.

Supercharge your team

Whenever our project health indicators detect an opportunity for plan optimization, we’ll recommend the best course of action to the team.

What makes us different?

Our Artificial Intelligence technologies leverage millions of data points to boost our experts’ capabilities.

Expert talent pool

Our network includes a network of the world's best talent across multiple technologies and industries.

Best practices by default

Coordinating multiple freelancers remotely is a challenge. Our online platform takes care of this for you.

Data-driven processes

Our platform leverages performance metrics to boost the expert teams capabilities, optimizing productivity.

Remote collaboration

Our platform is designed specifically for remote collaboration, so everyone is on the same page at all times.

Full transparency

The platform keeps track of how time is assigned to each task so you can monitor how time is being spent by the team.

Scale as you go

Avoid the hassle of implementing a costly recruiting process. Scale efficiently by finding the right fit using project data.

Hire your team

Experts for every project

We source the top experts in engineering, data science, UX/UI, and more to get your project complete from start to finish.

Android Developers

AngularJS Developers

Back-End Developers

C++ Developers

Data Analysts

Data Engineers

Data Scientists

DevOps Engineers

Ember.js Developers

Freelance Developers

Front-End Developers

Full Stack Developers

HTML5 Developers

iOS Developers

Java Developers

JavaScript Developers

Machine Learning Engineers

Magento Developers

Mixed Reality Developers

Mobile App Developers

.NET Developers

Node.js Developers

PHP Developers

Python Developers

React.js Developers

Ruby Developers

Ruby on Rails Developers

Salesforce Developers

Scala Developers

Software Architects

Software Developers

Unity or Unity3D Developers

Virtual Reality Developers

Web Developers

WordPress Developers



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