In this ultimate guide, we will cover everything you need to know about how to find the right freelance app developer, software developer and web developer for your projects.

Freelance App Developer

What App Developers Do

App developers are the brilliant minds behind the coding that makes up your computer programs, software and applications. App devs work with several other team members to take a client’s vision and turn it into executable functions by a program. They’re responsible for the creation, testing, design, iteration, and patching of the programs that they develop.

Look For These Qualities When Hiring an App Developer

It’s not easy to find and hire a mobile app developer or even a regular app developer. A bad one can significantly delay your project and produce dozens of bugged iterations of your project. A good one on the other hand does just the opposite. We’re going to leak the qualities that you should look for when finding app developers.

To begin with, all app developers need to be experts in at least one computer programming language. There’s several ways to write apps but you really just need a team who specializes in the language of your choice.

Additionally, they need the typical leadership skills required of a team player. It’s crucial that the freelance app developer you want to hire is able to clearly communicate with other team members, is able to effectively meet deadlines, can track their progress, pays close attention to detail, and has the customer service caliber to keep you happy.

Lastly, although hard to measure, creativity can be a huge plus for an app developer.

Where to Find a Freelance App Developer

Before talking about where to find a freelance app developer, it’s important to go over some of the most common mistakes that companies make when hiring them. In 2019, it’s important for tech companies to be competitive, fast and on top of the most efficient strategies.

However, most companies still use a hiring process that’s meant for a dead era. The first huge mistake that companies make is that they go to websites like Indeed, Monster and Glass Door and start accepting resumes and applications. The reason that this is a flaw is because research has consistently shown that app developer interviews lead to way more hiring failures than successes.

Additionally, these failures not only cost businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars in replacement costs but it also leads them spending way more than they need to with employees. Full-time staff comes with office space cost, office equipment cost, tax costs, healthcare and benefit expenses. In short, it’s a financially unsound method for 2019.

Instead, the  most effective way is to find freelance app developers who already have a successful track record working on multiple projects that can work remotely. Luckily we’ve done the hard work for you.

Celerative is constantly vetting, testing and training app developers on a global scale. Our next level AI then uses your project details to match you with the most qualified freelancers.

Freelance Software Developer

What Software Devs Do

Software developers are responsible for coding computer programs known as software. Developers are tasked with understanding the vision that a client has, translating it into the tasks a software must perform, and crafting the software’s core functionalities.

They’re then responsible for analyzing, testing, iterating and patching the software that they’ve developed. Software developers normally work in teams that involve computer programmers, web developers, designers, and other professionals with coding experience.

Look for These Qualities When Hiring a Software Developer

If you’re thinking  about hiring a software developer then there are a couple of qualities you need to look for.

First and foremost is their proficiency in coding. There are dozens of computer coding languages and so you must identify a software engineer that’s an expert in the language you want your program coded in. Get to know the projects they’ve developed and their methodology for development.

On top of technical skills, software developers need more common leadership skills. These skills include being able to work with a team, being able to effectively communicate, and having profound analytical skills.

Lastly, look for a developer that’s going to work with you until your project is fully completed. Chances are that the first few versions of your software will have room for improvement and so you’ll need a developer who is capable of iterating on their work.

Where to Hire a Freelance Software Developer

When hiring a freelance software developer, most companies start their search on job hunting sites like Indeed, Monster and Glassdoor. But, that sets them at a huge disadvantage from the get-go.

Finding the right candidate on these sites can take weeks. You then have to go through the entire interview process in hopes of finding the right person. To make matters more complicated, research has shown that hiring through an interview process leads to way more failures than successes. All of this leads to significant project down time and money lost.

The solution is to hire software developers that have already proven themselves so that you can get a solid addition to your team. On top of that, you want a remote a team. Remote software development teams dramatically increase the talent pool that you have access to because you’re not limited to local devs. Remote teams also cut down on expenses such as office equipment, office space, health care and full-time employee benefits.

So where can you find pre-vetted and remote software development teams? The answer is Admittedly, we’re completely biased with this question because matching talented freelance software developers with their ideal projects is what we specialize in.

Freelance Web Developer

What Freelance Web Developers Do

There are 3 common types of freelance web developers. This section will reveal the 3 types along with what they each do.


A webmaster is responsible for keeping your website running and up to date. Normally, after a site has been developed, the webmaster is the go-to person for all of your problems and needs. They’re tasking with making sure the website is error-free and operates without any issues.

Front-End Web Developer

Front-end web developers are responsible for everything that a visitor sees on the website, hence the front-end part of the title. Their tasks include designing the aesthetic portions of the website, integrating the proper applications and plugins, and sometimes creating the content for the site. Additionally, front-end web developers should be experts at the most CRM languages and be able to write in HTML and JavaScript.

Back-End Web Developer

Back-end developers build websites. They’re responsible for the behind-the-scenes work that goes into creating the website’s framework, databases, infrastructure and protocols. Back-end developers make sure the site operates smoothly and has all the tools it needs to function.

Look for These Qualities When Hiring a Web Developer

Hiring a web developer can be complicated because a skill web developer can perform front-end, back-end and webmaster tasks while other devs specialize in just one niche.

Web developers work closely with teams of designers, SEOs, content creators, software developers and app developers. For this reason, it’s important that they posses an array of skills that are both technical and social.

To begin with, these devs should be able to develop a full stack for a website. They need technical knowledge of website infrastructure and should be profound with HTML and JavaScript.

They also need to be able to clearly communicate with you the client, with their team mates and with other freelancers involved in the project. A solid web-developer will be able to meet deadlines, have a methodology to their creation process, track their completed work, and be willing to improve on their original designs.

Looking For a Freelance Web Developer for Hire?

Hiring a freelance web developer is easy if you avoid common mistakes. The first web developer hiring mistake that most people make is to go local. The issue with this is that it limits the talent pool you have access to only the people in your surrounding area. With over 7.3 billion people on Earth, what are the chances that the perfect web developer lives within a 15 mile radius?

The second most common mistake people make is that they over-complicate the hiring process by using hiring techniques meant for an age since passed. The truth is that interviewing and reviewing resumes has an astounding failure rate which leads to hefty replacement costs and project downtime. The solution is to have a team that’s already vetted through successful projects prior to you hiring.

Celerative does the hard lifting for you by searching world wide for top quality talent with a genuine interest in your type of project and matching you with them. The advantage is that you get a scale-able team of highly talented freelance web developers at your fingertips – you eliminate office space cost, equipment costs, tax costs, healthcare costs and liability. It’s the most risk free and benefit-rich way of hiring web developers.



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