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Profile Setup

How to create your profile in Celerative to get matched with the best projects.

Your expert profile is your presentation card for us, to review your profile and give you recommendations for the best projects; and for our customers, to give them the info they need. That's why it is essential for your career in Celerative

An incomplete profile won't let us continue with your onboarding process (*), so next we have some recommendations to complete it in the best way. You can also check our step by step in this video.

1. Profile Photo

If you sign up with your LinkedIn or Google account, your default profile photo will be the same as your account, but if you sign up with your email account you'll have to upload a photo. Tips: find the best light, simplify the background and focus on your face. You can get a second opinion on your new profile photo by using Photofeeler (for free).

For example, in this case, the best choice would be the second one: a photo framed into face and simple background.

2. About Me

A brief showcase of your experience, goals, and key skills. Leverage the beginning of your profile to help give a clear impression that you’re the person they want to talk to. And keep the expertise you call out in your overview in sync with the rest of your profile, such as your work history and skills.

This resume is at the top of your profile, so it’s a highly visible part of your marketing. Use it to introduce yourself and pitch your experience.

3. Rate & Availability

Set up your hourly rate in US dollars and your weekly availability to dedicate effort for Celerative projects. This information won't be public, it's just for us to make sure that our projects are aligned to your goals.

4. Roles & Position

Which are the roles you are specialized in? You can choose up to three different positions where you have experience and you stand out. This will help us to classify your profile and give you the best job recommendations. If you find out your position is missing, please contact us to review it. 

5. Tech Stack

Celerative has an extensive list of standardized skills that can help quickly identify your strengths and connect you with relevant projects. These skills also help our customers to find you easily, so they should reflect your specializations and expertise. You can choose languages, frameworks, and the tools you use in order of importance. If you note that an important skill is missing from our list, please contact us for a suggestion.

6. Experience

Relevant details about your employment history can help us and our customers to understand your background. You can start by adding a brief description of your responsibilities and accomplishments in your previous roles, technologies, and tools used in every position. Write down your position together with the company you worked for, if applicable. E.g: Project Manager @ Celerative 

7. Education

Include your educational background and other activities such as volunteer positions, mentorship programs, online courses, and other extracurricular activities. This can also help shape what you do and how you present yourself online.

All set! Submit your application in order to be part of our network. After that, we'll be reviewing your profile and sending you a tech test to validate your skills. Looking forward to start working together!

(*) The profile needs also to be submitted in English. This is a MUST.