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Frequently Asked Questions

We collected some of the most frequently asked questions by our experts. Please get in touch if you can't find your answer here.


Will all the team members earn the same amount of money?

Not necessarily. Payment depends on the seniority and hourly rate of each expert, therefore payments differ. 

How will I get paid?

You will be able to receive funds via the payment method that work best for you:

  • Direct Deposit / ACH
  • TransferWise
  • Payoneer
  • International Wire Transfer 

How much can I earn?

Experts can set their own hourly-rate depending on the expertise and experience they have. They can also decide the amount of hours they would like to work, therefore they will earn according to these two variables. 

Will we get paid monthly?

Will be executed on the first workday of every month. The payment method will be defined at the beginning of the process, but you'll be able to change it when you want.


With how many people will I be working?

This depends on the project; the bigger the project, the more people are needed to finish the assignment, with a maximum of 5 to 7 to keep communication fast and uncomplicated.

How will the communication within the team happen?

We offer Slack and our platform as media to communicate with. Besides this we recommend people to communicate with their (work)cellphones. 

How are the tasks distributed?

This depends on the role you have inside the team. The Project Manager will assign the issues to every team member. 


What are the requirements for joining the global teams?

Before we start offering you projects, we will assess a few of your skills and your English proficiency. These skills differ per designer and developer, as everyone has experience with different systems. After passing these tests, you will enroll in the platform!

Is the platform available in any country? 

Yes, the platform is online, which makes it available everywhere you have an internet connection. 

What if this is my first time working remotely?

If you meet our requirements, it wouldn’t be a problem if you don’t have any experience working remotely. It would probably take some time before you know what your ideal work environment, hours and setting is. We can assist you in the beginning of your first project by listening to your concerns and obstacles, helping you with discovering your preferences and offer tips and advice.

How much does it cost to use the platform?

Using the platform is 100% free of charge for Experts. 

How do I get started to be part of the platform? How is the process?

You submit and provide your LinkedIn with your education specifications and work experience. After that the onboarding process starts and we will contact you to assess if you qualify for our platform/the projects we (can) offer.

How is this platform different from the other ones?

The tool matches the experts to the projects based on both preferences to make a good fit. Because of this experts don’t have to look for offers for themselves.

What are the advantages of joining this platform, when I already have a network with clients as an independent freelancer?

We offer a matching-process, through which you will receive an offer within 48hs according to your skill set and expertise. We also assign you a talent manager who will be available for you anytime you need, to ensure success. 


How can I get in touch with other freelancers?

A Slack channel within the community members is available to experts in the Celerative network.


How long will the projects be?

This depends on how big the clients estimates the project would be and how many experts are fit and interested in the project.

Can this change during the project?

If the give time for a project, turns out not to be a good estimation this will be re-assessed

How will the customer see my progress in the project?

We will provide the customers with dashboards where they can see the team’s progress during each sprint, logged hours and code quality. You’ll also be able to have a look at the quality of the code you are writing and your logged hours. 

What are the current running projects? 

Currently we have projects in different categories: tourism, fitness, e-commerce, fintech and others. 

What kind of projects will you offer?

A wide variety of project across multiple categories will be available. This can range from fintech, tourism, real estate and many others. You will have the chance to choose the one you like the most.

How much time would the projects be (month? half year?)? Will there be sprints?

Projects can be as long as they need to be. You’ll be working with sprints which are mostly two-week duration ones.  

What happens if I want to change the project I am working on? 

If you are not happy with the project you are in, feel free to speak to your talent success manager who will be happy to help you with your needs.

What happens if the customer contacts me outside the platform or the tools Celerative brings? 

There will be legal actions taken if this happens. You should report it to someone in Celerative.

Remote Work

Am I allowed to fully decide my own working hours?

You have freedom in how you fulfill your 40 hours working week. 

How will I work with people in different time-zones?

There has to be some overlap for approximately 3 to 5 hours. You can discuss this with your teammates and decide on the hours which are best suited for everyone to work in. If you and your team cannot decide on this, we can assist to find the best option for everyone.

Application Process

How long will it take to get a job?

It depends on the amount of projects you accept or decline. As soon as you sign up we will actively look for a project that fits your profile and skills.

Will I get job-offers immediately?

We want to offer you projects which fit your preferences and skills. If we have an available project which is fit for you, we will offer this immediately after you finish the onboarding process!

Do I get offers based on my performance on the previous project?

Yes. Previous experience on other projects as well as your skillset are the main aspects we take into account when offering new projects. 

Can I look for my own job-offers, or do I have to wait for you to offer them to me?

We take care of the job offers, you don’t have to look for them.

What if I don’t like the project-offer?

When a project is offered you have the choice either to accept it or decline it. If you decide not to take it, we will keep looking for a new project to offer you. 

Can I specify when I want to receive job-offers and when not?

You will be able to keep you availability updated so we know when to offer you projects or not. 

Do I get feedback about my performance on the projects from the client or Celerative?

Yes, you’ll get monthly feedback from the customer you are working for. You will also have the chance to give feedback to your customer about his work or methods.

Can I get hired full-time by the customer I worked for in the platform?

Yes, you can get hired by the customer you worked for with a few considerations. The customer should pay a release fee and this should be arranged with the sales manager at Celerative.