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Frequently Asked Questions

About us

What is exactly Celerative?

Celerative is a company of Software development and we help our customers on building teams for them and executing their projects.

Where is Celerative located? And the experts?

Celerative is located in San Francisco, US and the experts are distributed around the world. 

What differentiates Celerative from companies like Toptal, Gigster, Upwork?

Our new platform for Team Augmentation and Project Management.

Who are some of Celerative Clients?

HAVAS, UNICEF, Renault, Your Trainer, Mercado Libre, Admix and many more.

Is Celerative a marketplace? Do you provide matchmaking service? A Project Management Tool? A Software Agency?

We provide a Team Augmentation Tool and a Project Management Tool. Celerative is a Software development company.

Can you give me one good reason for Remote Work?


How can we control people that are distributed around the globe?

With our Project Management tool and Project Managers.

Why should I use Celerative?

Because our products are going to help you increase your productivity and reduce costs. 

What days of the week do you work?

From Monday to Friday.

What languages are you working on?

English and Spanish.


Is my project confidential?  Do I need to be concerned about confidentiality or IP rights?

Your project is confidential. 

Do you have a standard NDA? is it possible to provide our own model of NDA?

We have a standard NDA and you could provide your own.


How's the process to assemble my team?

  1. We will ask you a few questions related to the status of your project, technologies, team experience and budget.
  2. We will send you a team proposal based on our worldwide network of experts. Our matching process considers team aspects like synergy and candidate interests.
  3. After kick-off, you will get access to your project dashboard, which contains team performance stats and action recommendations based on machine learning technology.

How soon can Celerative join my team or start a project?

Two weeks.

What kind of projects or technology or Stack is Celerative focused in?

Web Apps, Mobile Apps and Data Science. 

Do we, as a customer, need to still paying experts when the projects ends?

No, you don’t. As soon as the project ends you stop paying the experts.

I still don't know the budget we need for our projects. Is it possible to ask some help with that?

Of course, we our Sales Engineers can help you with that.

Do you have a trial period?

You can have a no-risk trial.

What happens when we don't find a good fit with experts in the beginning?

We continue searching until the expert fits with the expectations of the customer.


How does your sourcing and screening process ensure quality candidates?

The expert must go through a series of interviews and exams conducted by our human resources team that allows us to ensure the quality of the professionals.

How can we be sure of the expertise of the experts?

Celerative certifies all the experts. We evaluate the technical skills and the level of English of each candidate.

Do Celerative provide half time experts?

Yes, we do.

Who owns the intellectual property rights? How can I be sure that my intellectual property is safe?

With an NDA your intellectual property is safe.

Can we integrate our own team with your experts?

Yes, of course. 

Can we integrate our designers with your devs experts?

Yes, of course.

What technologies do you work with?

Top technologies in Mobile, Web and UX/UI.

We don't know how to manage experts or a team… do you provide experts for management?

Yes, you can select a Project Manager for your team.

Can we choose experts living near our HQ?

Yes, you can.

Can I hire a team of Devs with Designers and testers?

Yes, of course.

Our Value Proposition

How often can I check metrics and information about my projects?

Any time you want.

Let's suppose that we are not satisfied with our team, is it possible to ask for a change?

Yes, you can ask for a change until you are satisfied with the team.

Can I hire directly to the experts?

No, you can only do it with our platform.


Do you take equity (as a way of paying the services)?

No, we don’t.

Can I cancel the contract?

Yes, you can.

Which methods of payment do Celerative accept?

Wire transfer, Credit Card and ACH (US only)

Should I pay holidays to the experts?

No, you don’t have to.

How much does Celerative ask for a Dev / Designer ?

It depends on the hourly rate of the Dev / Designer