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Expert Release

Due to the non-solicitation clause (Clause 6) during the term for one year, it is not allowed to assist, directly or indirectly, recruit or solicit for employment or engagement as an independent contractor any person, including any Celerative Team Members involved in any respect with the agreement signed.

If a Customer requests to use the services of any Team Member as its direct employee or contractor, the Customer must pay Celerative a Release fee. Must follow the following steps:


  1. The customer informs Celerative of the intend to hire directly an Expert.
  2. Could be by email or in a call with Operations.

Release Fee

  1. Celerative shares the Release Fee detail with the Customer. According to Points 6 and 6.1 of the Team Augmentation Services Agreement (signed between Celerative and the customer): 650 times the hourly rate.


  1. The customer agrees and the Release Fee is invoiced by Celerative.

Ending Date

  1. The customer notifies Celerative of the ending date of the agreement with the Expert.
  2. Celerative sends Termination Letter to Expert.

Final Invoice

  1. Celerative charges services until the ending date of the agreement and reimburses the retainer (if applicable).