Maximiliano Raffetto

Maximiliano Raffetto

Front End Engineer

About me

I'm a Full Stack Developer with +8 years of experience. I has been in the Celerative team since 2012 and worked in projects for customers like Havas Media, UNICEF, Aero and Nymbus. I've build proficient professional records in React.js using Redux-Saga, Node.js and Angular.js, among others.


September 27, 2018 - December 27, 2018

Data Science @ Aero

Performed data analysis and preprocessing over a dataset of reservations in hotels using a Python/Pandas stack. Used custom heuristics and machine learning over a Python/Surprise environment, to provide models for a recommender system that helps agencies to target the right reservation for the right customer.


October 27, 2016 - June 27, 2018

Project Management @ Aero/Flexiviaje

Tech Lead in a 4 people team in and Aero, an air ticket search engine developed by Aero (B2B Tourism Operator with over fifty years of experience in the tourism business) with the support of Sabre and the most important airlines in the world that allows you to find the best rate for the destination you want, make the reservation and pay at the travel agency you choose.


July 27, 2016 - June 27, 2017

Front End @ Nymbus

Scalability for Nymbus, the world's most advanced revenue and technology solutions for financial institutions. The fintech startup needed to improve their Core Banking, Online Banking and Mobile App development. Worked with a +6 people team with Scrum methodologies.


January 27, 2015 - September 20, 2019

Front End @ Celerative

Project Management and Development of Frontend applications made with React JS & Redux. I worked in the development of Web applications. I worked on Wordpress Projects, PHP Laravel 5.x, Javascript Angular 1.5.x, Meteor and ReactJS. During the last time I worked on Frontend applications project made in React JS using Redux, which is an implementation of Flux, as a paradigm and development tool.


May 27, 2009 - February 27, 2015

Front End @ Suyit

Development of Web application in PHP and Ruby. Using different frameworks like Symphony, Cake in PHP and Ruby on Rails in Ruby. On some occasions I participated with Project Leader. I also worked very closely with the UI / UX team in Research and Testing activities. Development of Web Applications using PHP, HTML and Css. I used template systems with Smarty to create systems. Integration with MySQL and PosgreSQL databases.



Data Science

Universidad Nacional de La Plata

Software Engineering

Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (UTN)

Project Management

Universidad Austral

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