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Front End Developer

I graduated as a graphic designer (Universidad de Buenos Aires, 4-year course) and, owing to my deep interest in technology and web development, I specialized in website applications. I have more than 20 years' experience of working in systems and web development. I have gained a high level of expertise in website design, from Photoshop design down to conversion to HTML and template integration.I have used the following languages: html4, xhtml, html5, xml y xsl, as well as css 3 Updated. I can implement libraries such as "Twitter Boostrap" for responsive design implementation.On a daily basis, I develop using javascript, sometimes with frameworks and libraries such as jquery or Angular, and I am currently exploring and learning to use React.I also develop using php (and use the updated versions as they appear on the market).I learnt object-oriented programming with Java. Besides, I am highly familiarized with cms open source such as Drupal and Wordpress.