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Front End Developer

I'm Matias, a Chilean Engineer dedicated to helping you to create the app of your dreams.I'm an Engineer and a proud father.I live in Talca, a little city in Chile (3 hours to the south of Santiago). I'm happy here with my wife, my kids, and my friends.I finished my engineering degree 10 years ago and since then has been working with several software companies on a variety of challenging projects. I start my remote work journey almost 8+ years ago and was the better decision that I made, this allowed me to enjoy the different aspects of life and also be able to participate in different projects and companies across the globeIn this journey I had the opportunity to work in different and challenging projects writing Ruby, Python, Javascript, even C/C++ code, currently, I enjoy working as a Javascript/Frontend Engineer.Working as a FrontEnd Engineer is what I consider my strongest skill and the way I think I can be valuable for the teams and clients.