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Full Stack Developer

I studied Industrial Engineering at ITBA and I took an intensive coursework at Plataforma 5 Coding Bootcamp, to become a Full Stack Developer. During this Bootcamp I've learnt coding languages and tools, such as: Javascript, Github, Node, Express, PostgreSQL, Sequelize, Mongo Db, Webpack, Babel, Passport, React, and React Redux. For the professional practice, I presented a project as a client and developed it with some teammates for a month. We built a mobile application that turns local shops into atm's and allows users to make cash withdrawals. To develop the app, we used Mongo Db, React Native, and React Hooks, among others.My main goal is to develop myself as a Leader in the tech world, by improving my soft and hard skills. I believe that learning how to work as a team, communicating with each other and trusting in one another is as important as being great technically.