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UX Designer

I am curious and passionate about user experience, digital products, techs and service design. Also, I am a committed person, proactive and a great team player.As a UX Designer, my main goal is to create an intuitive experience in every step of the user´s journey, keeping in mind user-centered interfaces. I apply human factor principles to design products that are efficient, effective and satisfying at every touch point. My process starts with understanding business needs, listening to user stories, inventorying content and designing interfaces.I focus on designing holistically, using iterative processes, careful thought, and the help of typography, color and motion. Work that I carry out using scrum agile methodology, lean UX and design thinking.In addition, I have experience working with backend and frontend developers to bring designs to life, and thanks to my knowledge in HTML5, CSS3 and SASS, I can deliver workable designs.