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Back End Developer

I am passionate about technology and I am lucky enough to be able to live from what I like.I enjoy the whole process of providing solutions. From thinking about them, arriving at possible alternatives and questioning them, until prototyping, measuring, improving, iterating and maintaining them. And besides finding joy in those deeds, I firmly believe that to produce software that adds value, and is maintainable and thorough, devs should participate in the process from the beginning until the end.That being said, and though I love arriving to neat solutions, I am always willing to make compromises if there's a benefit to it.I've been blessed with the opportunity to work at challenging and changing environments, having to deal with heavy loads (+40k rpms) of non trivial transactions, where being HA is not optional and each team is fully responsible of the apps they own, and where thinking out of the box, or trying something new is allowed, and even encouraged, but not without having in mind that there are different tools for different jobs. And all that while still dealing with requirements that can make you have to throw away what you just did one month ago (or at least reconsider it). That being said, there's no stepping down from it for me.Therefore my aim is to continue working in such settings, where the problems to solve are not trivial and therefore it is necessary to constantly learn new things, and in which in spite of having to be the absolute owner of problems and the apps that solve them, there is a good balance of freedom when it comes to giving solutions.