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Back End Developer

It has always been my passion to be able to assess the quality of the software that it's under my reach; from the beginning of my career I implemented POCs related to the elements that our development process will have as quality gates as well as suggesting the roles that needed to sign off for each of the product release.After a few years I decided to expand my career, to include elements from a DevOps perspective, (given that the configuration of the tools that the “sign-off” solution depends are in the DevOps realm like Jenkins or Docker containers), and also to include more elements from a QA perspective (bootstrapping a Selenium project, and creating TestCases with a clean Page Object Model), as well as other tools that are more adequate to check the other quality aspects of a project (i.e Unit Tests, Component Tests, API Tests, etc).I’m also a detail oriented as well as thoughtful about the user point of view when running the application.It will be my pleasure to be able to work with, and to help you in the project that you have, with any of the fields that my expertise.