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Blockchain Developer

I've been working with React.js and Node.js for the last 5 years. For React.js I like to use Next.js, Redux, React- hooks, delivering organization and attention to details. With Node.js I sometimes like to use MVC to organize the architecture and I can create APIs by using Express or similar tools. I'm able to work in a DevOps environment by implementing tools such as Jest, Mocha, Chai, Cypress, Gitlab or Git, Git Flow, as well as CI/CD by using Jenkins or Git and helm chart to deploy the Docker images on Kubernetes. I'm adapted to working with agile methodologies like scrum and XP. Currently I am specializing myself in Blockchain development and had a couple of recent experiences. I can work with Ethereum Blockchain, using Solidity to build smart contracts, tools like Ganache, Truffle, Remix, Infura and Web3.js.