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Android Developer

I work in technology-software as an Android developer with more than 4 years of experience.I'm an organized person, with good communication skills and a good team partner. I like technology in general and keeping up with the latest news. I’m interested in newsI like a clean code design and good pattern implementation.I have experience at working with Java or Kotlin, it depends on the project. I know about architecture pattern design, such as Model-View-Controller, Model-View-Presenter or ModelView-ViewModel.I have experience with dependencies such as:- ​Android jetpack​ : RoomDatabinding ViewModel Navigation CameraX- ​Firebase:Push NotificationCrashlytics Analytics Remote Config Authentication- Testing with Junit, Mockito, Mockk - Glade or Picasso for load Images- Retrofit with Gson for Rest Api- Dagger2 for dependency injection- Android flavors and dimens- Google play's console, with alpha testers, beta and production release - Git- Gradle- Bitrise