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Full Stack Developer

I work developing software and have 13+ years of experience developing for companies from Guatemala, United States, Mexico and Panama.I enjoy and have the ability to learn new things fast and simple, I have learned most of the programming languages that I know on my own. I have excellent technical and analytical abilities to produce top quality products by using coding standards. I have a lot of experience meeting with customers, installing software and training users.Some of the programming languages that I know include PHP, Python, Java, JavaScript, Android (Java and Flutter).I have developed software for Mexican companies: INBURSA, Federal Government of Mexico, Government of Hidalgo/Mexico. USA companies: Texas ACE, Campusbooks. Guatemala companies: Portafolio de Inversiones, Officient S.A., UNICEF Guatemala, Alertos, Guatemala Visible, Programa de Observación Electora l(PROE), Corte Constitucional de Guatemala.