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Back End Developer

Entrepreneur, supportive, with extensive academic training, which allows me to have the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for good performance, with experience in .NET programming (C #, ASP.NET, MVC, Web Services, WCF, REST API), .NET CORE (C #, REST API), Alternate Programming Languages (Delph, VB), Web Technologies (Angular 2 +, TypeScript, JQuery, JavaScript, Angular, Chart.JS, JSON, AJAX, HTML, CSS, Boostrap), Design Patterns (Repository, Dependency Injection), WEB Infrastructure (AZURE), Web Servers (WinServer 2008+), information collection, analysis and restructuring of information systems, development methodologies management (SCRUM, XP, Cascade) , databases (SQL Server 2008+) and UML.With leadership and teamwork, responsible, collaborative, with commitment in the work, to achieve the objectives assigned to me