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Back End Developer

I've been developer for 15 years, through these years I've programmed in different language: Pascal, C, C++, Visual Basic. Many at same time, until arriving PHP (Laravel and Vue.js) being this last the that more I use nowday.Well, how I told before, I've being developer for 15 years, I'm graduated in computing, in all these years I've not learned just about programming, but also network administrator, server administrator, Linux server configuration, apache configuration, PHP, MySQL, samba, mail server, ftp, SSH. Which have been very useful in my professional career.Why do I think I'd be a good fit ? Well, I like put all my knowledge in practice, I like to learn every day, if there is anything that I don't know, I investigate to give it solution. I'm honest if there is something that cannot be done.Those are somethings about me, my way of working, putting my effort for so that things go well