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Database Administrator

I am a DBA looking for a new challenge. I started 12 years ago and had the opportunity to work on:- SQL 2000-2017 on Windows + SQL 2012-2017 on AWS + High availability implementation - MySQL 4,5 on Windows and Unix - Oracle 9i-12c + RAC + iAS/OAS (Windows, IBM-AIX,HP-UX,Solaris,CentOS,Ubuntu,Red Hat,SuSE) - PostgreSQL and MariaDB installation and basic management for testing environments - Intersystems Caché v5.0 (Non rdbms) - Monitoring and reporting of DB services and health checks(Windows PerfMon, Zabbix, etc) - Intermediate Programming on T-SQL / PLSQL and Shell scripting for maintenance routines development, etc - Basic PowerShell automation - Documentation production for process standardization on SQL Server and SQL Server related product installations and Health checks - Reception and formatting of raw data for several projects (bulk load, etx) - Drone data capture via RF for crop growth and pest control on MySQL Server - Backup Exec support and administration(for Symantec)