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System Programming

Currenly, I work for a Wireles Internet Server Provider company, I design and develop an authentication systems APIs wich is part of a Internet Access System, It uses many access methods such as Social Networks, Access Codes, Hotels' Private Interfaces, etc.Lately, I have been working in a REST API, Report Generators, Monitoring Systems.I'm always open (and I wish) to learn new technologies.In addition, I'm working in other small projects using technologies such as Nodejs, Reactjs and Websockets:- Smart Lines System, It consist of a Native Android Application where final users can get their tickets number to be attended, and a Web Front End which is used by Cutomer Service Centers to attend final users.- IoT Proyect using Reactjs, Nodejs and Python which consists of a Web Panel where you can view the devices data in real time and to interact with them.- Services Control, You can Start/Stop deamons located in the server side and view their logs, in a frontend made in ReacJS