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Back End Developer

I’m Fagner and I’ve been working as a Web Developer by 18 years writing codes in PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, and I love it, yet. I’m an experienced professional and my principal client is the Brazilian Government, and because of it, I feel comfortable to work with lots of responsibilities.My focus is on solutions. I always do the analysis from scenarios and work to solve the problem in the best way possible. This is my work pattern and it gives me an opportunity to learn new technologies, languages, and concepts.I have other skills as Symfony, Laravel, Bootstrap, SQL, DML, Design Patterns, and good practices. One big deal for me is the performance on my code, because it creates a good experience for users. With that mix of skills, I became a qualified professional to solve different types of problems on web systems.I'm a good problem solver, and I always did what I need to catch the goals, it makes me move forward. I am a continuous learner, and it keeps me updated.